About Our Club

A Brief History Of Walkden Thai Boxing Club, Tiger King Camp.

Walkden Thai Boxing Club was opened by the world famous Thai-Grand Master, Master Sken of Thailand in 1983.

We moved to our current location at Grecian Mill in April 1992 giving us the opportunity to teach and promote Thai Boxing on a full time basis. We now have mixed classes for children 5 – 10 years’ old (Tiger Cubs), 11-14 year olds (Teenagers) and adult classes for 15s upwards and teach 6 days per week.

We cater, and encourage, training for many different reasons. Whether you would like to train for ring-based competition, gradings and promotional events (similar to belts in other martial arts systems), self defence and personal protection or even just to keep fit, our syllabus’ and experienced instructors will ensure your time with us is as productive and enjoyable as possible

What Is Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)?

Thai Boxing is the national sport of Thailand and dates back in time about 3,000 years. Thai Boxing then was called Muay Boran, which literally means Old, or Antique, Boxing.

However, Muay Boran was very different from the Thai Boxing you can see today. There were no rules or regulations and very little in the way of safety procedures which you will see today in modern Thai Boxing, all around the world.

Modern Thai Boxing is much safer than in times gone by. We now use a standard boxing ring, weight divisions for all boxers, boxing gloves, gum-shields and groin-guards andevery boxer must abide by strict rules and regulations. A referee always controls the action and his/her main concern is for the safety of both boxers at all times


Walkden Thai Boxing Club conduct a Thai Boxing Grading Event every 3 months.

Gradings are a great way to show progress in Thai Boxing, improving skills, knowledge and an understanding of the art on a gradual, step-by-step basis working at your own pace.

We also have a Junior Grading Syllabus for under 10 year olds (Tiger Cubs). We feel this is a fantastic way to introduce Thai Boxing to children in a safe and fun environment, where they can work and learn at their own pace.

Like other Martial Arts, there are 10 grades in total, but instead of belts they are worn on the arm/bicep. The grade colours are;

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Blue/White
  • Brown
  • Brown/White
  • Brown/White/Yellow
  • Brown/White/Yellow/Green
  • Red

Red is the equivalent of a black belt in other Martial Arts.


These are NOT full contact fights.

Interclubs are a very good way to introduce Juniors and adults to sparring in a competitive environment. They are where students spar with students from other clubs in the local area and can be used to help prepare students who wish to compete at professional events. These events give every competitor great experience and aid training to help them improve. They are also really good social occasions where friends and family can watch the competition and good ties with other local clubs can be forged and renewed.

Obviously safety is paramount and quality safety equipment is worn by all students during Interclubs. These consist of head-guards, gum-shields, body-shields, shin-guards and boxing gloves. Also please note that NO HEAD CONTACT IS ALLOWED for Juniors.